Myrtle Beach Residential Fences

At Arcadian Fence, we realize the importance and sometimes overwhelming experience that can come with selecting not only the perfect Myrtle Beach fence, but also the right kind of company to handle your residential installation. When selecting a fence, be it an Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, Wood, or a Custom Design, you definitely want to make sure it will provide value for years to come. At Arcadian Fence, we are committed to doing it right NOT just the first time but EVERY time!

There are several methods of installation for a fence. Construction details not obvious on casual observation can make a big difference in both appearance and structural integrity of your fence over time. At Arcadian Fence, we are committed to providing you with quality fencing that will meet your needs for safety, structural integrity and an attractive appearance. Our fences are built with the following techniques to increase value.

Concrete Post Footings

All of our Myrtle Beach fence posts are set in concrete 24" to 30" deep with wet mixed concrete (definitely not a dry mix) to ensure stability for a straight and plum appearance over many years.

Highest Quality Materials

At Arcadian Fence, we select only the highest quality materials available for each type of fence we install. With the extensive warranties on all of our products, it is simply not financially responsible for us to cut corners and reorder materials. As a result, you will get a fence done right from the beginning.


All of our gate frames are designed and built to ensure against sagging and realignment. For example, aluminum gates are welded to your opening specifications and are supported by a heavy duty hinge post. When installing Vinyl PVC gates, H-Channel metal inserts are used for added strength and stability.

Installation Techniques

To ensure the highest quality strength and appearance, Arcadian Fence demands only the highest installation standards from our crews, including but not limited to:

  • Each post set in concrete and plumb
  • Alignment of rails
  • All fasteners securely set
  • Gates set and adjusted properly
  • Comprehensive clean up (including dirt removal from post holes)

In addition to meeting your needs for security and appearance, we know that every Myrtle Beach fence we build becomes a representation to the quality of our work.