Wide Variety of Myrtle Beach Fence Services

Arcadian Fence is a fully licensed and insured Myrtle Beach fence company that has the ability to offer a vast array of services. It all starts with our commitment to offering you a highly detailed FREE QUOTE, giving you the necessary information required to make a valued decision on your upcoming fence, gate, or railing project. We are well experienced and fully equipped to offer you a comprehensive and creative design, guaranteed with a professional installation of both residential and commercial grade Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Chain Link, or Custom Built Fences. We also offer custom railing for both residential and commercial property.

We only offer the highest quality of materials, all of which are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Arcadian Fence is strongly committed to providing you with the particular type of fencing, railing, or gate that will meet your needs for safety, structural integrity and an attractive appearance.

At Arcadian Fence, we feel that in order to be a full service fence company in Myrtle Beach, we need to offer all services. We honestly feel that "No job is too big or too small!"

Fence Material and Installation

From the moment you contact Arcadian Fence, you can expect a courteous and professional introduction to our company and a willingness to provide you with the knowledge necessary to make your upcoming fence project go as seamless as possible. We start this process by offering you a FREE QUOTE. We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment with you so we can come out to your property and obtain your desired measurements. We will also answer any questions, help create designs, give you samples of material, and offer you a competitive price, the same day. Whether you're interested in Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, Chain Link, or even a Custom Built Fence, you can feel confident, knowing that you will be receiving a quality product and it will be installed by quality professionals. At Arcadian Fence, we select only the highest quality materials available for each type of fence we install. With the extensive warranties that Arcadian Fence provides our valued customers, we can't afford to cut corners on our high quality materials. This tells you in itself, we are dedicated from the beginning and will see it through to the end.

Installation Techniques

To ensure the highest quality, strength, and appearance, Arcadian Fence demands only the highest installation standards from our crews, including but not limited to:

  • Each post set in concrete and plumb
  • Alignment of rails
  • All fasteners securely set
  • Gates set and adjusted properly
  • Comprehensive clean up (including dirt removal from post holes)

In addition to meeting your needs for security and appearance we know that every fence we build becomes a representation to the quality of our work. At Arcadian Fence, we are committed to doing job right, NOT just the first time, but EVERY time!


We realize that that there are many customers out there, that already have a fence, gate, or railing that may need repair. Whether it's from storm damage, poor installation, or just overall wear and tear, our team of professionals will be happy to come out and assess the damages and provide you with some reasonable solutions. Most Myrtle Beach fence companies, when called about a repair to an existing fence, are only interested in talking you into replacing it with a new one. At Arcadian Fence we understand that not every fence needs to be replaced. We sincerely understand that you have already spent good money on your existing fence, gate, or railing, so if we can assist you in limiting your cost to replace it, then we would be more than happy to do so.


Arcadian Fence is also very proud to introduce our newest service to the Myrtle Beach market, known as FENCESCAPES. Due to the high demand of residential fences in this area, we realized that there was a need for a preventative maintenance concept with an aesthetic appeal. FENCESCAPES is a process in which we create a cosmetic barrier around your fence line with professional landscape options in order to protect the integrity of your fence.

Irrigation Repair

We have found this to be extremely important and helpful to our clients. Most fence lines and irrigation lines typically share the same path due to the fact that these areas are generally running along the border areas of your property. This service allows you to have the peace of mind knowing that there are no surprises at the completion of your fence installation. Most fence companies in Myrtle Beach, when contracted to do a fence installation, do not take responsibility for broken irrigation lines, and even worse, do not notify the property owner of this occurrence. They may LITERALLY cover it up with dirt or concrete to avoid having to address the issue, leaving you, the property owner, assuming the responsibility of having to hire a irrigation company to come out and identify and repair the uninformed destruction. As it is not always possible to identify the location of underground irrigation lines, these accidental breaks do occasionally happen. We are equipped to handle such repairs and it is a service that we are happy to offer to avoid you the property owner from having to pay the overpriced additional costs to an irrigation company to come out and fix it.